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Quilts, Textile Arts and Paintings, Helge van Drongelen

nederlan kln

Dutch language



The days are getting longer

The sun is shining

It is cold winter weather

Cool colours in this month


Lots of snow

The dikes of the Westerschelde are white

A few last snowflakes are falling down slowly

The Westerschelde looks cold


20-03-04 queen Juliana passed away

She was a mother for Holland

And that is why, validly, in honour of her

It became a remembering quilt


Delicate colours of spring

Are visible due to the young leaves on the trees

Nature is renewing

Flower bulbs are showing off in full glory


Every day I look through the window

To see if I can look from my where I am at

To the sunset behind the bay of the Westerschelde

Then I know that it is Spring and the summer is coming

Januari kln
Februari kln
Maart kln
April kln
Mei kln


The last meeting of  “The Diamond Patchers”

There was a workshop paperpiercing

The result?

This beautiful duck


It is quiet before the storm

Of tourists who will visit

Enjoy the quietness while it can at the coast

Were we stay during the summer


All holidays begin

The grand children are coming over

After a day sea and beach

They sleep tight in their tent


We ate melons, strawberries and cherries

The apples and pears have to be gathered in the orchard

For the farmers I hope

A good harvest


The leaves getting there golden colours

Every day you see that they are getting more yellow, more red more beautiful

The leaves falling down slowly on the ground

This is the most beautiful month of the year due to the colours


On a cold bright night

The full moon is shining

Stars are shining around it

Become romantic of it


The month of party and light from the darkness

The world is standing still

Seeking warmth at each other

Pray for peace on earth.