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Quilts, Textile Arts and Paintings, Helge van Drongelen

Antependia, handmade and designed , Protestanse Kerk Terneuzen

nederlan kln

Dutch language

Explanation antependia purple

There has been chosen for the 12 colors of the rainbow. Twelve is synonym for the 12 tribes of Israel and for the 12 disciples of Jesus. The color white is been added as the sign of G’d. White is synonym for the unbroken light of the unnamed but always present. The explanation of colors is from Chagall.

Liturgisch Centrum GHKerk Tnzn

Antependia for the preachers chair

Jesus had to carry his cross after he had been betrayed and abnegate (zigzag)

There are four layers: four is synonym for the four wind directions North, East, South and West. The four elements heaven, fire, earth and the four seasons. 

Antependium preekstoel aangepastAntependium preekstoel 01


Antependia for the lectern

There has been chosen for a ring shape, this means eternity (the Eternal). It has been repeated three times which points to the three unit, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

                        Antependium Lessenaar aangepastAntependium Lessenaar

Antependia over the supper table

There are seven rows. Seven is synonym for perfection and the creation of the world in Seven days. The road from Jesus is shown. You see straight pieces with interruption of tree times a zigzag pattern. We begin with the birth of Jesus, a short straight piece, the first zigzag is the run of Joseph, Maria and Jesus from Bethlehem to Egypt, until the Angel appears and tells them that Herodus has died. Joseph, Maria and Jesus return to Nazareth. Then there is a straight path where in Jesus grows up and learns a lot.

When Jesus is a grown up, there is a sign from God that Jesus has to stay 40 days and nights in the desert (2nd zigzag). Jesus resists three requests. Then Jesus is been baptized by John the Baptist.

Jesus now is ready to teach people what is important and how we have to live as people who believe (straight piece).

The unbelievers stay, even when the divine is with the people. They accuse Jesus with the consequences: betrayal, abnegate and crucifying of Jesus (3rd zigzag).

Then there is a short straight path with one clear white piece which means that it is not over yet, the story of Jesus continues. Resurrection of Jesus, the ascension and the Holy Spirit who has given the people the assignment to spread the word to anyone who listens.

Believe, hope and love for people who listen to the message. Everyone can read it in the book, our bible.

Antependium Tafel
Antependium Tafel Grt


There is a red and yellow cross. Red is for love, passion, blood and aggression. Yellow is for heavenly dimension. There is bleu on the back which means universal spirituality.

I hope that every preacher from the heavenly dimension receives spirituality to form the right words to be a good teacher and that the community leaves the church with a strong believe.


Made with love,

Helge van Drongelen – de Meijer.